Program History


Tunaweza Kimuziki (Swahili for “Through Music All is Possible”) is a collaborative project of United States and Kenyan musicians seeking to promote music education in Kenya, involving hundreds of students and educators from primary school through adults. Interactions between dozens of Kenyan students and IU teachers have sprung up, including lessons from IU clarinetists, piano and vocal coaching lessons, and interactive sessions with Dr. Jeff Gershman and the entire Administration Police Band. Composers on both sides of the ocean are contributing newly composed music.

In March of 2012, three musicians from Indiana University and one from Kenyatta University led the inaugural session of Tunaweza Kimuziki. In May of 2013, five musicians from Indiana University and The College of Wooster rejoined their counterparts in Kenya for a workshop, where the team was teaching and performing at several venues in Kenya, including the Administration Police Band Academy, Nairobi School, Utawala Academy, St. James Primary School, Kenyatta University, and Moi University. The team is now looking forward to welcoming Taifa Mziki from Kenyatta University to Ohio and Indiana in February 2014, and to returning to Kenya in May 2014.


Over the past few years, team member Diana Nixon has kept a detailed blog for Tunaweza Kimuziki. To read about some of the team’s experiences, records, and reflections, see below for the blog link or for a listing of each individual entry.


Mpingo Studios blog

June 2, 2013, The Life of an Mzungu in Nairobi, by Liz

May 27, 2013, Nairobi School Grades, by Kim
May 22, 2013, Sunday = Field Day, by Diana
May 21, 2013, Last Day at Nairobi School, by Diana
May 17, 2013, Nairobi School, by Diana
May 17, 2013, Utawala Academy – May 15, 2013, by Liz
May 17, 2013, Last Day at Kenyatta University – May 14, 2013, by Liz
May 16, 2013, Administration Police Training College, by Diana
May 15, 2013, Utawala Academy – Day 1, by Liz *
May 13, 2013, Kenyatta University – Day 2, by Liz
May 13, 2013, How a Kid from Delaware Ends up in Kenya, by Jeff
May 13, 2013, Field Day – and Liz Turns Twenty, by Diana
May 12, 2013, The Bomas Rescue Center, by Diana
May 11, 2013, Our sponsors, by Diana
May 10, 2013, Our first day, by Diana
April 29, 2013, Headed Back to Kenya! by Diana

October 10, 2012, Members of the Kenya Administration Police Band Visit Indiana, by Diana
May 10, 2012, Selected videos from the residency, by Diana
April 16, 2012, Kenya trip in the IU Fanfare, by Diana
April 16, 2012, Things we learned in Kenya, by Diana
April 16, 2012, Day Ten – Goodbyes, by Diana
April 16, 2012, Day Nine – Thursday, by Diana
April 16, 2012, Day Eight – Wednesday, by Diana
April 16, 2012, Day Seven – Tuesday, by Diana
April 16, 2012, Day Six – Monday, by Diana
April 14, 2012, Day Five – Sunday, by Diana
April 3, 2012, Day Four – Saturday, by Diana
April 2, 2012, Day Three – Friday, by Diana
April 2, 2012, Day Two – Thursday, by Diana
April 2, 2012, Day One in Kenya, by Diana
March 6, 2012, Duo Mpingo, by Diana

December 16, 2011, Duo Mpingo to visit Kenya, by Diana